Raddish Kids Cooking Review

What Exactly Is Raddish Kids?

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Raddish Kids is a popular kids’ cooking set. It’s a monthly membership package that serves as a cooking club for children aged 4 to 14. You can sign up for as many months as you want and save for more extended memberships. Each kit has a seasonal theme and includes teaching materials for disciplines like math and science.

We tried the Harvest Party kit, which featured apple cider doughnuts, herb-roasted chicken, and sweet potato gnocchi recipes. In addition, you can cook along with us by using the following recipes:

Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Onion Roasted Chicken with Rosemary

Raddish Kids Review

Raddish Kids’ culinary subscription box is also an excellent GIFT for birthdays and holidays. You may send a single kids cooking box, a 6-month or 12-month subscription, and even choose your ship date after checkout (excellent for planning!).

Furthermore, Raddish Kids may be utilized as a homeschooling tool, and their website contains a wealth of free resources. The options available are cook-along video lessons, easy recipes for kids, music playlists, downloadable activities, lesson plans, and other parent resources.

What exactly is in the box?

Raddish Kids provided the image. Each culinary set comes with illustrated recipes, a kitchen gadget, an apron patch, and extras. In addition, the Raddish website includes “Bonus Bites,” which include additional recipes, dietary replacements, musical playlists, grocery games, activities, and a lesson plan that provides for arithmetic, science, geography, history, and language arts.

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Our Harvest Party kit included silicone doughnut cups, which were incredibly simple to use. The recipes are vividly colorful and have minor lessons and skills. The apple cider doughnuts recipe, for example, included a mini-lesson commentary on how Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity using an apple.

Our Radish Kids Subscription Box unboxed.

When we initially opened our Raddish Box, the first thing that struck me was the incredible attention to detail and the apparent goals of each component.

On top was a pristine, white, child-size Raddish apron with the Raddish logo stitched on it. The apron is constructed of sturdy, machine-washable cloth and is sized to fit a wide range of children.

We found our food-prep package beneath the apron, which included kid-friendly, laminated instruction cards, recipe cards, a shopping list, activity cards, and so on. Everything had a clean, sharp, sturdy quality to it as if it could withstand a wet, sloppy kitchen counter. In addition, all of the meal options for our personalized gourmet excursion appeared to be suitable for children.

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As a former SPED classroom teacher, I was instantly delighted with our Raddish Subscription Box’s educational value. Lessons are aimed to include arithmetic, science, nutrition, reading and language, geography, and culture in an organic way.

Each component of the collection was thoughtfully designed, and the kit as a whole supplied enough activities for at least three complete family activities/cooking experiences.

Did it keep the kids interested?

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I was surprised by how eager my eight- and four-year-old children were to help out in the kitchen. They both had fun choosing a recipe to lead and informing me what ingredients we needed. Our four-year-old was ready to go as the cooking progressed, but my older daughter thoroughly enjoyed the experience from start to end.

Each month has a different theme.

The many themes each month are enjoyable and keep things interesting!

For example, our October box was themed “Frightful Fiesta” and included recipes for Creepy Corn Dip, Mummy Enchiladas, and Haunted Tres Leches Cake.

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This makes it simple to plan fun activities to do together!

Were the meals simple to prepare?

Raddish Kids provided the image. The recipe instructions were straightforward to follow. While they did require adult supervision (would you trust a third grader to roast a chicken? ), the kids were able to assist with age-appropriate cooking duties the entire time.

Options and adaptability

I’ve found that the Raddish Kids recipes are pretty adaptable, so you can make some changes depending on your skill level or the amount of time you have.

For example, the Creepy Corn Dip recipe featured instructions for dip and handmade tortilla chips for dipping.

We decided to make only the dip and purchase a bag of tortilla chips.

We created the cake from scratch for the Haunted Tres Leches Cake, but instead of creating homemade whipped cream to go on top, we used a can of whipped cream.

There are simple substitutions like these that you may do if you need to save a little time without losing the culinary experience!

Additionally, the Raddish Kids website offers a variety of recipe changes that can be made based on your family’s dietary needs.

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What Is the Process of Raddish Kids?

Every month, Raddish Kids will give you a kit containing three different recipes that showcase new culinary skills, as well as new kitchen equipment to use with your recipes. The food ingredients are not included, but you will have access to a shopping list when your box ships, so you will have everything you need when your box arrives.

The majority of the products on our shopping list were pantry essentials such as flour, cinnamon, sugar, eggs, and butter. In addition, I had to get some fresh herbs, apple cider, vegetables, ricotta cheese, and a whole chicken. This shopping list is an excellent learning opportunity for your child because it may assist you in marking off what you already have and shopping for the quantities needed at the store.

This email also includes a bonus dish, some dietary changes, and access to their bonus nibbles, which you can see at the bottom of this review.

Here’s a deeper look at one of the dietary changes. These can also be printed!

How Much Is The Raddish Kids Subscription Box

The price is $24 plus free shipping (save with longer subscriptions) 

Three recipe cards, a high-quality kitchen tool, discussion cards, a Raddish apron patch, a grocery list, and a creative kitchen activity are included. For an additional $5 every month, they offer a sibling add-on with an extra patch and cooking utensil.

Ships to the United States for free and internationally for $7. Monthly billing cycle A Raddish apron is available for free with 6- and 12-month subscriptions. An apron can be purchased separately with a monthly subscription for $15.

Are you interested in the monthly box? See our previous Raddish Kids reviews here. This package was supplied to us for free for us to review. (To understand more about how we review boxes, see our review process post.)


  • It’s both entertaining and educational.
  • This package is well-organized, with simple directions.
  • You learn a new culinary technique and get to use a new kitchen tool.
  • They promote family time by using conversation starter cards.
  • There is a focus on fundamental kitchen skills such as hand washing and measuring.
  • The recipe guide is comprehensive, and the photos make it easy to read.
  • It instills trust in the kitchen.
  • Your youngster will discover vital life skills and, perhaps, a love of cooking.
  • Each month, you can add a sibling tool and patch for $5.

Best price for Radish Kids

Raddish Kids’ Cons:

You will still need to buy ingredients because the box does not include any food. It can be difficult for children to wait if they open the box and see all the beautiful stuff, only to find they don’t have all of the ingredients (ask me how I know–ha!). If you require an “open and go” kit, this may not be the ideal option for you.

The pricing is comparable to other baking and cooking kits for kids; however, it may appear to be a little excessive for certain families. Yes, you could certainly curate a series of themed meals and tie in educational parts for less money, but I know most of us parents are busy, and something like that is likely to slide to the bottom of our priority list. As a result, engaging someone else to curate the box may be a smart investment. If a kit like this is out of your price range, consider asking for a subscription as a gift from grandparents or other loved ones!

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Is Raddish Kids the Best Cooking Subscription Box for Kids for You?

If your child has expressed an interest in becoming more engaged in the kitchen, a Raddish Kids box could be a terrific way to get them involved in a fun way.

If you want to explore cooking with your child but don’t have the time to gather recipes and arrange activities, or if you find it challenging to have your children engage in everyday kitchen activities, this children’s cooking kit could be a fantastic fit for your family.

Not only will you create memories with your child in this manner, but they will also be learning the entire while without even realizing it!

More possibilities for your child can be found on my list of the best baking and culinary kits for kids!

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